Grace & Truth  Church

"We Don't Change God's Word, We Let God's Word Change Us"

Our Church

 We are a Bible believing , Spirit Filled Church. We believe the Bible is God's perfect Word and is relevant to every generation.  We believe the Holy Spirit instructs us in all truth and inspires us  to please God in our daily lives.


 We are a Holy Spirit believing Church.  We believe that after obtaining salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in us to empower us to glorify Jesus.


 The main reason we come as a family of God is to worship Our Lord, Jesus. When we humbly put our faith and trust in Him, we receive His blessing, guidance and peace that passes all understanding.



To preach

the word of God.






See many accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.







see a great out pouring of the Holy Spirit.







 in this late hour to build His church.


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